Experience Modern Finance
Ledge is a digital finance platform that optimizes customer experience, digital distribution, and channel management for innovative financial service providers.


Chartered Banks

Chartered Banks

Create a digital footprint that extends your loan products beyond
in-branch/manual origination. Ledge automates the current manual agent interaction and data entry. With Ledge, partners, employers and retailers can originate your loans.
Alternative Lenders

Alternative Lenders

Go beyond direct mail and affiliate offers. With Ledge your branded loan and retail/purchase financing products can be offered by any partner and seamlessly distributed through a range of channels.
Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS)

Instant retail financing via iPad app providing on-boarding,
pre-qualification, approval, e-sign, and funding. Supports Merchant ID (MID) restrictions and purchase discounts.


Ledge Gateway

Ledge Gateway

Turnkey, mobile/tablet optimized platform; White-labeled within existing app or stand-alone.
Loan Approval

Loan Approval

The Ledge Gateway collects all necessary borrower CIP/KYC information to facilitate pre-qual and loan approval on behalf of the lender. This includes income and bank account verification, as well as "soft pull" and "hard pull" credit checks.
Loan Offers

Loan Offers

The Ledge Gateway provides "first look" and "second look" loan offers to consumers, maximizing the ratio of completed loans and allowing the lender to utilize their partner network.
Loan Funding

Loan Funding

The Ledge Gateway automates loan funding by presenting the borrower with multiple funding options including direct deposit to bank account, instant disbursement to virtually any US debit or General Purpose Reloadable (GPR) card, and instant issuance and funding of MID-restricted or open virtual cards.
Branding and Platforms

Branding and Platforms

Ledge manages app customization, deployment, and support across iOS, Android and web applications. Ledge end-points pull and display customizable standard or application-specific disclosures.
Security and Compliance

Security and Compliance

The Ledge Gateway is architected to meet or exceed the data security requirements of major financial institutions. Ledge is PCI DSS Level 1 certified.
Rich API

Rich API

Ledge provides an open, RESTful API to integrate the Ledge Gateway into the Financial Institution (FI) branded loan services or 3rd-party POS loan offers; Disclosures and agreements verbiage is managed by FI via a back-office dashboard:
  • Pre-qual disclosures
  • Loan offers
  • Borrower agreements
    and disclosures
  • Funding options


The Ledge Micro-services provide seamless connectivity to all resources required to originate and fund a loan:
  • Data capture
  • Pre-qualification
  • Application
  • e-sign
  • Funding

How It Works

Simple and secure
profile creation
Instant pre-qualification
via soft-pull
One-click application
Income flows and
sources verification
Integrated disclosure
and e-sign
Deposit to Bank
Direct deposit to bank account
Automatically verified bank
account credentials
Push to Card
Support for vast majority of
US debit and GPR cards
Fast funding (30 min or less)
Instant Issue Virtual Card
Delivery via email/SMS
Restrict use by Merchant ID
Apply discounts at Terminal
Ledge Borrower KYC Verifiction

Built-in Borrower KYC Verification

  • OCR based ID verification with automated data extraction
  • Liveness detection via selfie
  • Instant pre-qual and credit score
  • Instant bank account verification: income flows and sources, direct deposit credentials

Built-in Instant Funding

  • Instant disbursement to virtually any US debit or prepaid card - scan or manually enter card details
  • Instant issuance of virtual cards
  • Restrict use by Merchant ID (MID)
  • Apply purchase discounts without POS integration
  • Push card URL via text message/SMS
  • Mobile wallet support
Ledge Instant Funding